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Cabin 2562 Halland Sweden

Halland 2562

Normal price: 630 €
Special offer: 510 € for weeks 33 - 35
Cabin 2173 Hälsingland Sweden

Hälsingland 2173

Normal price: 1400 €
Special offer: 1120 € for weeks 28 - 41
Cabin 2937 Jämtland

Jämtland 2937

Normal price: 510 €
Special offer: 430 € for weeks 34 - 35, 37
Cabin 2123 Södermanland Sweden

Södermanland 2123

Normal price: 1680 €
Special offer: 1340 € for week 32
Cabin 2754 Småland Sweden

Småland 2754

Normal price: 980 €
Special offer: 840 € for week 36
Cabin 3153 Skåne

Skåne 3153

Price from: 1120 € per week
Cabin 3152 Västergötland

Västergötland 3152

Price from: 840 € per week
Cabin 3151 Blekinge

Blekinge 3151

Price from: 700 € per week
Cabin 3148 Skåne Sweden

Skåne 3148

Price from: 1400 € per week
Cabin 3146 Västergötland Sweden

Västergötland 3146

Price from: 1560 € per week



Every country around our world have their own culture, their own specialty foods, and in the eyes of foreigners usually some funny, weird or even quirky behaviors, and Sweden is not an exception to any of that. We hope that you will embrace and understand some of these phenomenon during your cabin rental vacation here, take a peek in this article and read about these 10 Swedish behaviors and see if you recognize any of them in your own country.


Recently reserved cabins

Cabin 1394 Halland Sweden

Halland 1394

Price from: 770 € per week
Cabin 2345 Halland Sweden

Halland 2345

Price from: 770 € per week
Cabin 3053 Södermanland Sweden

Södermanland 3053

Price from: 700 € per week
Cabin 2696 Södermanland Sweden

Stockholm 2696

Price from: 450 € per week
Cabin 3030 Ångermanland Sweden

Ångermanland 3030

Price from: 510 € per week
Cabin 3065 Småland Sweden

Småland 3065

Price from: 470 € per week
Cabin 699 Östergötland Sweden

Östergötland 699

Price from: 450 € per week
Cabin 57 Jämtland Sweden

Jämtland 57

Price from: 630 € per week

Category of cabins

  • Beach Front

    In the category Beach front property, we have collected cabins in Sweden that have a location close to a lake or the ocean. What that means is that the cabins plot goes all the way down to the water.


    A beach plot can, for example, be a sandy beach, pebble beach, grassy beach or rocks.


    Rent a cabin with a beach plot in Sweden

    Surely many people dream of having a house with their own beach front, wouldn't it be great to treat yourself to that during your vacation? Take a morning dip directly by the cabins, enjoy your vacation breakfast overlooking the water, perhaps on a little dock. The sunsets in Sweden are most beautiful when they are reflected in the water. Some cabins with beach fronts also have fishing rights. Maybe the kids want to fish for perch from the beach by the cabin while you prepare dinner? NOTE! Do not forget the life jacket. Find out what rules apply to fishing at the particular cabin you book.

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  • Climate-Smart Holidays

    Renting a private cabin in Sweden is in itself a climate-smart way to spend your vacation. You live close to nature and outdoor life, often in a relatively simple accommodation with little climate impact. Many summer cabins are located far out in nature, so we have made it easy for you and found the cabins where you can travel in a more environmentally friendly way.


    If you want this year's holiday to make few climate footprints, the cabins under the Climate Smart Holiday category are for you. Under this category of cabins you will find accommodation in Sweden which you can get to by public transport. There are train and / or bus connections all the way to the cabin you rent.


    Cabin that is good for the climate?

    All cabins under the category climate smart Semester have one thing in common, it is that you can get to the cabin by train and / or bus, to make as small a climate footprint as possible.


    Some cabins that do not have direct proximity to the bus stop and the like, then there is the possibility that the landlord will drive you the last bit to the cabin, this is stated in the description of the cabin. Many of the cabins also offer bed linen and towels to make your climate-smart trip easier. Several cabins also have bicycles or the possibility of renting a bicycle near the cabin.

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  • Cabins by the Ocean

    Under the category “Cabins by the ocean” you can find a cabins that is close to the ocean. Everyone who wants to spend their vacation by the coast of Sweden should search here. Our coastline is lined with beautiful bays, marinas with charming boathouses and pleasant archipelagos (e.g. Stockholm's archipelago). Among “cabins by the ocean” you can find, among other things, accommodation that has an amazing ocean view, cabins located on an island or those that are located just a bit inland.


    Fishing in the ocean

    Recreational fishing from land or by boat is allowed to do in the ocean. However, there are some local regulations you must follow if you want to go fishing with special gear, such as fishing with nets or lobster fishing. For any special type of fishing at your cabin, the person in charge knows which rules that applies.


    Swim in the ocean

    There are many nice swimming spots by the ocean, long sandy beaches and nice cliffs to jump from. The water in the ocean is a little cooler than that in lakes. Some of the cabins in this category have their own dock and beach, and a boat that is either included or can be rented.


    Note: You can specify the distance to water in our search field to search for cabins with a desired distance to the ocean, also rowing boats and motor boats are available as options in the search field.

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  • Cabins by the Lake

    This category includes the cabins located near one of Sweden's beautiful lakes. Renting a cabin by a lake can have several benefits. What the lake looks like can vary greatly, some lakes have a sandy beach, and some have a shoreline of cliffs while others are lined with lush forest.


    Swim in lakes

    The water in lakes usually heats up faster than the ocean, which makes it extra nice for all swimmers. At most lakes there is either access to a small dock or a sandy beach. If you come to a lake where there is no prepared swimming area, then it is of course possible to swim anyway, the bottom can be muddy with layers of twigs and branches , but the reward once you have reached the depths is well worth it.


    Fishing in lakes

    Many lakes have excellent fishing, it is popular to fish from land, and in many cases you also have the opportunity to rent a boat. Some cabins will have a boat included in the rent. It is not allowed to fish freely in every lake in Sweden, the lake may have game fish, so then a fishing license are usually required. These can usually be bought at a nearby store or similar.


    Tip: Enter the distance to water in our search field to look for cabins with a desired distance to the lake.

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  • We Recommend

    In the category We Recommend, we have collected a selection of nice cabins, houses and apartments in Sweden that we can strongly recommend for your vacation stay. These vacation homes have had many satisfied guests for many years and have received very positive feedback from previous guests. These accommodations are nicely decorated, attractively located, are affordable and have owners who are very helpful and accommodating.


    Recommended cabins

    When we placed these homes in the category “We Recommend”, we simply based these decisions on the feedback sent to us from previous guests. We as a cottage agency would of course recommend all our cottages, we often receive happy thank-you emails from various guests who have visited our cottages. But within the category “we recommend” it happens so often that you can be sure that the consideration of previous guests has been good and that they had a really wonderful stay in these cabins.


    Tip: If you want to search among the cottages in “We Recommend”, here you can choose freely among different facilities and wishes that you want your cabins to have. You can choose in the province you want to spend your holiday in, or set up so only cabins that, for example, allow dogs are displayed.

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  • EV Charging

    Here you will find cabins in Sweden with EV charging boxes & charging stations for electric car charging.

    Are you going to rent a cabin somewhere in Sweden and want to bring or use an electric car on your holiday? Here we have created the perfect category of cabins for you - Cabin with electric vehicle charging. In the category Cabin with electric car charging, we have collected all our cabins in Sweden that offer the possibility to charge an electric car at the cabin, for example with an electric car charger, EV charging station, charging box or charging pole.

    Holidays in Sweden with EV charging

    Not all cabins offer electric car charging. But it is becoming more and more common and the demand for holiday homes where there is a charging station is increasing. We want to make it easy, take a look at this category and you will find all cabins in Sweden that offer electric car charging.

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  • The High Coast

    You do not have to look far for fantastic nature experiences and activities in the High Coast area. Directly outside your cabin you can enjoy everything from, from sun-warmed red cliffs to fantastic fishing waters and magnificent hiking trails. In the High Coast category, we have collected cabins and accommodation in and near the High Coast region.


    See & do in the High Coast

    Where should we start? If you rent a cabin in the High Coast region, you are offered an endless array of possibilities! There are boat traffic in the archipelago that departs from several ports to a number of islands such as Trysunda, Ulvön and Högbonden.


    In Skuleskogen National Park, there are well-known trails in a wonderful landscape that suits all ages. Hike beautiful trails and cliffs with spectacular views of mountains, forest and ocean. There are several trails to choose from and many beautiful places for swimming and barbequing. In Skule, you will also find Europe's largest Via Ferrata facility for those who dare to take part in rock climbing Skuleberget's 250 meter high rock wall.


    We recommend Rotsidan If you want to jump in the ocean from cliffs. If you want a sandy beach in an archipelago environment, then Norrfällsviken is a good alternative. In bad weather, Spa Paradiset is a real highlight with both a spa and adventure bath.


    The High Coast is much more than beautiful nature and offers all possibilities for memorable holiday memories!

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  • Mountain Cabins

    Under this category we have collected cabins located in the Swedish mountain world. Renting a cabin in the mountains is an experience regardless of the season.

    Winter in the Swedish Mountains 

    During the winter, the Swedish mountains offer fantastic opportunities for winter sports. When you rent a cabin during the winter, you can enjoy downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling or maybe even try dog sledding. There are also good opportunities to experience the Northern Lights.

    Spring in the Swedish Mountains 

    Experience how the Swedish nature in the mountains comes to life after a long winter. In the spring you can book a cabin for hiking, fishing or enjoy the beautiful nature.

    Summer in the Swedish Mountains 

    Refuel your energy in the Swedish mountains. Here the air is fresh and the views are endless. Many cabins offers activities such as hiking, downhill cycling, sport fishing, canoeing and quad biking.

    Autumn in the Swedish Mountains

    Fall is magical in the Swedish mountains. The color change in nature are absolutely fantastic. Here you have good chances to experience the Northern Lights. Many people book a cabin in the mountains during the fall to pick berries, mushrooms, fish and hike.

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  • Luxury Cabins

    Here we have gathered our most exclusive cabins, unique houses and luxury villas. If you want to rent a high-class holiday home in Sweden, this is where you should look. Are you looking for elegance and luxury, tastefully decorated cabins in high class, then you have come to the right place.


    What are luxury cabins?

    We try to be flexible because the word luxury is very broad. We do not let the cost determine which cabins belongs in this category, nor the location or living space. It is everything in a whole that determines whether we classify the accommodation as luxury cabins. Luxury cabins can also include cabins that offer something extra that makes it very attractive. Whether the cost for a cabin in the Luxury Cabins category is seen as high or low is up to the renter to decide. For us, it is most important that you get a wonderful accommodation for your holiday in Sweden, a cabin that really matches your needs.


    Search a cabin with Filter

    We want to take the opportunity to recommend our Filter, where you can search among the cabins and find an even more specific accommodation. You can, for example, choose a province, set a price range and pick freely among all conceivable facilities.

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  • Fishing Cabins

    In Sweden, it is very popular to fish in both lakes and the ocean. The category “fishing cabins” is for you who want to rent a cabin with good fishing opportunities. Sweden is full of good fishing waters and here we have gathered the best fishing cabins under one and the same category. Let the fisherman within strive you while living comfortably close to our Swedish fishing waters. Make a vacation lined with fishing, nature and adventure.


    The perfect fishing cabin

    If you click on Filter, you can check everything that is important for your holiday. In this way, the cabins that match exactly your wishes are searched out. You can, for example, click in a rowing boat or motor boat if you have it as a requirement for your accommodation. You will then be able to check out he cabins that have a boat either inclusive or for rent nearby. This way you can easily find a cabin close to our Swedish waters.


    There is no way to tell how close or far a fishing cabin is to water, as a rule it is fairly close to a lake or the ocean. But if you want to specify a certain distance, you can also choose from our advanced search. It is also possible to choose cabins close to the ocean or by the lake.

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  • West Coast

    The west coast is a fantastic destination and one of Sweden's summer paradises. When you rent a cabin here, you live on idyllic stretches of coastline lined with resorts with marinas where white houses and cabins spread their charm. Stroll in fishing communities, hop on an archipelago tour or eat the world's tastiest shrimp sandwiches.


    See & do on the West Coast

    When you rent a cabin on the West Coast, there is a lot of opportunities. 


    There are many beautiful municipalities along the west coast that you can visit during your vacation. The municipalities on the west coast from the north are: Strömstad, Tanum, Sotenäs, Lysekil, Munkedal, Uddevalla, Orust, Tjörn, Stenungsund, Kungälv, Öckerö, Gothenburg, Kungsbacka, Varberg, Falkenberg, Halmstad, Laholm, Båstad, Ängelholm, Helsingborg and Höganäs.


    In these municipalities there are many beautiful and charming places, e.g. Grundsund located in Lysekil or Smögen located in Sotenäs are two popular day trip destinations from your cabin. There are plenty of gems to discover during your holiday along the West Coast.

    If you are hungry for shopping, Gothenburg or Gekås in Ullared are a couple of given day trip destinations from your cabin. There are a variety of archipelago tours along the West Coast. The Koster Islands where you can go with the archipelago boats and discover these islands on foot or by bike. 

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  • Live on a Farm

    Reward yourself with a wonderful cabin vacation in Sweden, stay in a cabin in our Swedish countryside. Bring the family and rent a cabin in the country, surrounded by animals and beautiful rural environments. Here the cabins are located among traditional farms and Swedish countryside. Cabins under the category of “living on a farm” are located in the countryside with animals in the surroundings, or are part of the farm you’re staying at. Most people will offer you to meet their animals, feed the animals or maybe ride horses. Each accommodation on a farm is unique and exactly what applies to each of the cabin is in the cabin's description.


    If you want to spend your holiday in Sweden in a real Swedish country idyll, the cabins in the category living on a farm are the perfect alternative. The category living on a farm is designed to easily find the cabins that are suitable for you who want to live close to animals and nature in Sweden. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for tourists to travel and stay in Sweden, we are taking you back to the old and genuinely Swedish. A rural existence that spreads a special calm.

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  • Bring Your Dog

    Are you renting a cabin somewhere in Sweden and you want to take your dog with you? Here we have created the perfect category with cabins for you - Cabins with dogs. In the category Cabins with dogs, we have collected all our cabins in Sweden that allow dogs and usually also other pets, for example cats.


    Accommodation in the category Cabins that allow dogs

    This is because not all homes allow dogs, which is understandable. It can be allergies or other reasons that are the basis for the cabin owner's choice to allow or not allow pets when renting their cabin. We as a cabin agency know that many want to bring their beloved family member, we ourselves have dogs that we take on our trips and vacations. Therefore, we recommend everyone who rent out their cabin with us to allow dogs, but it is of course entirely up to everyone who rents out their cabin to decide if dogs or pets are allowed or not.


    Find a dog friendly cabin

    If you want to rent a cabin in Sweden and bring a dog, you must click on this category. It is of course possible to change to a certain province or part of Sweden. If you choose Southern Sweden, for example, in the category Cabins that allow dogs, our cabins in southern Sweden will be displayed for you and where dogs are allowed. The category and your additional choices for the search of cabins can be changed freely in our advanced search.

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  • Secluded Location

    We at the cabin agency know that many people seek peace and quiet on their vacation. Many people want to rent cabins that have a secluded location, far from neighbors and preferably far out in nature away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We have here made a cabin category where we have collected all cabins that indicate that they have at least 200m to the nearest neighbor.

    Here you can find cabins that are located in the middle of the wilderness and also cabins that despite having a secluded location are still relatively close to shops, activities and tourist attractions. Some cabins have several kilometers to the nearest neighbor and may not have running water or electricity in the cabin, cabins that suit people that is looking for serene wilderness, or those who may just want to try a new adventure. Cabins that have a secluded location can be found all over Sweden, the really remote wilderness cabins are usually found in the northern part of Sweden.

    We also have cabins with a secluded location, but which have a residential house on the same plot where usually the cabin owner himself lives. These cabins are not included in this category, but such cabins are most often found under the category of living on a farm. If you need help finding something specific, you are welcome to contact us at the cabin agency and we will help you find what you are looking for. We wish you a really wonderful and pleasant vacation and thank you for choosing us as your cabin agency.

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