Attention! Due to the uncertain situation that prevails right now, we have temporarily introduced free rebooking’s starting 2020-03-27. We believe that this is good measure that benefits us all. Many are of course cautions right now and we hope that this option will provide increased security to you who want to book a cabin for your vacation. This applies to all bookings, and to further increase security, we also offer our complimentary security protection program.

Feel safe with our security protection coverage

With our security protection you can cancel the booked cabin and get your money back, if bad luck strikes you.

We know that many people book their cabin well in advance and we want you to feel secure about your booking. If you choose our security protection coverage, you will get your money back if you cannot travel. The security protection comes into play if you or one of your fellow travelers suffers from an unexpected illness or accident, which means that you do not have the fortuity to visit your booked cabin.

Rent a cabin and add security protection coverage

The security protection can be chosen at the time of your booking of the cabin. The coverage is not available to add after the booking is done.

The payable amount for the security protection covers all tenants and is based on the cabins rental price according to the following table:

 Cost of cabin  Premum
 Upp to 500 € ⇒   39 € 
 501 € - 1.000 € ⇒   49 €
 1.001 € - 1.500 € ⇒       59 €
 1.501 €  or more. ⇒   69 €

► The security protection is valid until 18:00 (6pm) the day before arrival.

► The security protection covers the cost for the cabin that you rent through us, for up to 2.000 €. 

► The applicable deduction for cancellation is only 9 %. 

► The cost of the security protection is not refunded upon cancellation of the cabin. 

► The security protection covers the tenant and all fellow travelers who are notified in connection with your confirmation.

► Upon use of the security protection, an attached doctors note and the account number to which reimbursement is to be made is required.

The complete conditions for the security protection coverage is gathered here; Rental conditions.