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Every country around our world have their own culture, their own specialty foods, and in the eyes of foreigners usually some funny, weird or even quirky behaviors, and Sweden is not an exception to any of that. We hope that you will embrace and understand some of these phenomenon during your cabin rental vacation here, take a peek in this article and read about these 10 Swedish behaviors and see if you recognize any of them in your own country.


With a magical feeling, we turn our eyes to the sky and are fascinated by the spectacle of light that unfolds. In Sweden there is a great chance to see the northern lights and the chance increases the further north in Sweden you rent a cabin. In this article you can read everything worth knowing about this beautiful and often breathtaking phenomenon.


Tourists from the whole world and also swedish residents rent cabins on Gotland every year. Gotland is one of Sweden's sunniest destinations and what better way to spend time on your holiday in your rented cabin. Gotland invites you to lots of activities for the whole family, everything from adventure, to culture and to long sandy beaches. Here you will find tips on excursion destinations to visit during your vacation on Gotland.


Having a fika is a deep rooted social tradition in Sweden and probably takes place in most people’s cabins and homes every single day. In this article you can read about this unique cultural tradition, and prepare yourself for your own fika break when you visit Sweden. 


We have made our very own Swedish Christmas Recipe calendar here for you to enjoy in your cabin in Sweden. It is filled with some of the most traditional Christmas recipes from Sweden, and we hope you will try out these recipes on your stay.


Sweden's Smörgåstårta or sandwich cake in English, is like a large special sandwich, however the sandwich cake is more like a cake than a sandwich because of it's size and the ingredients. You now have the opportunity to make your own special sandwich cake while you’re vacationing in your cabin here in Sweden.


Read about the 5 best fishing spots in Sweden. Fishing in Sweden is popular among those who rent a cabin through our cabin agency. Fishing is a freedom for both the amateur angler and the professional sports fisherman. A pleasure that suits both young and old. If you want to plan your vacation based on the best fishing waters, then check out these 5 hot tips on the best fishing waters in Sweden.


Kayaking during your vacation in Sweden. Kayaking is a fun activity for the whole family and can be either a peaceful or wet adventure. Several of our cabins offer kayaks for rent. Otherwise, kayaks are available for rent throughout all of Sweden. Here you can read about some of Sweden's most popular waters for kayaking.


Have you ever tried riding a railbike? Bicycling on railway tracks is easy and fun, it’s a tourist attraction that suits all ages and is a fun activity during your vacation in Sweden.  A different kind of day trip on your cabin stay, rush forward on the track surrounded by nature and a wonderful environment. Here you can read more about this exciting activity.


Are you interested in the Swedish nature? Day hiking is a perfect activity for you during your vacation in Sweden. Prepare a lunch bag in the cabin, pack a light backpack and set out for a day of nature exploring. Here you'll find 8 tips on popular hiking trails with hundreds of stages that you can make for nice day trips.


For those of you who like downhill skiing in all its forms, renting a cabin in Idre Mountain has a very good reputation in Sweden thanks to its good snow conditions, and with 26 lifts 40 slopes, including "Chocken" which is the steepest slope in Sweden with its 48 degree angle, and also the opportunity of many groomed cross country trails and other winter activities, Idre mountain is a sure bet for the snow lovers.


The magical time of Christmas is approaching in Sweden, a balancing act of hectic preparations and the coziness of Christmas is spreading in houses and homes. Have a peek at the Christmas Eve celebration that takes place in the cabin, and read about the Swedish traditions here.


Be prepared, every year on October 31 Halloween is celebrated in Sweden. Here you can get some tips on what you can do in the cabin you rent from us  during Halloween. Have sweets ready because on Halloween kids may knock on your door and ask, trick or treat!


Find the places in Sweden where you can meet moose during your holiday. Here we are talking 100% moose guarantee. Your best cabin agency in Sweden has made it very easy for you who rent a cottage to find moose safaris, moose parks and zoos where there are moose.


Learn Swedish phrases for your holiday in Sweden. Here you will learn what to say when you’re communicating with the landlord at the cabin. You will also find Swedish words and phrases that will help you during your vacation in Sweden. Here you get to know how to say "thank you" or what "boat" is called in Swedish.


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