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Rent out the cabin in Sweden?

If you own a home of some kind that you do not use every week of the year. Maybe a small summer cabin in the country, an apartment in the big city or a villa in the archipelago that you visit a little sporadically, but which is empty the rest of the year. Then we suggest that you rent out the home to tourists and earn money during the weeks when the accommodation is otherwise empty. There are many guests who visit Sweden every year and more and more people are starting to open their eyes to make something fun and unique of their vacation instead of spending it in a hotel room.

There are several different ways to advertise your home, including newspapers, catalogs and many other websites. Many require that you tie up most of the summer or want you to pay for your ad space. There, our business concept differs from others, with us it is completely free for you to participate, it is the guest who pays our commission. You are also free to use your house yourself or receive your own bookings from other places for you to have your cabin rented out as much as possible. Of course, we want you to keep us updated and tell us when the cabin is not available so we can keep our website up to date for potential guests. When we receive a booking for your cabin, we will contact you and ask if the cabin is still vacant and if you want to rent it out. Then we arrange all the formalities, such as entering into agreements, sending out information, invoicing abroad and payment to you.

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With the English website you will reach most of the EU, USA, England and the rest of the world, most travelers will search for travels in English. In addition, we translate the description of your cabin into both German and Swedish. We will of course market your cabin in Sweden and the Nordic countries. The German translation is advertised in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and other German-speaking places. With us, you reach a market that is significantly larger than if you place an ad locally here in Sweden.

Your cabin at our cabin rental agency - earn money

Your cottage at our cabin rental agency

Incoming Center of Scandinavia is a family owned business from Norrland in Sweden. We have been active since 2001 and have been involved in most situations over the years, we are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your rental cabin. For example, we can suggest a suitable rent and provide you with bilingual documents such as a deposit receipt and general information that you can present to the guests. No discrepancies, together with our homeowners, we work towards a common goal, to rent out your cabin as many weeks as possible where we make sure that the guests have a pleasant stay.

Even if you have a private ad on similar pages, you can still join us. We believe in simplicity and we are happy to help with the marketing of your cabin. We make it convenient for you – we arrange the formalities, such as international invoicing, entering into agreements, making sure guests get directions, etc. Our business concept is based on the fact that it is free for you to rent out your cabin through us. The cost of our services is added to the price for the rental cabin, this way we also avoid the addition of hidden costs for the guests.

When we receive a booking for your house, you will immediately receive an email with info about the guests and the question of whether or not you want to rent out the potential week, you are free to say yes or no to the booking. The only thing we require is that you do your best to keep us updated with your own busy weeks in the cabin, this way we can keep as high a level of service as possible to our guests.