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Cabin 2606 Norrbotten Sweden
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Norrbotten 2606 - Small cabin with quiet location and views of the Pite River

100 m
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400 €
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100 m
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400 €
Cabin 1375 Norrbotten Sweden
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30 m
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Cabin 2570 Norrbotten Sweden
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Norrbotten 2570 - Cabin on the island Småskär in the Archipelago outside Luleå city

50 m
720 €
Pets allowed
50 m
720 €

About Norrbotten in Sweden

The province of Norrbotten, Sweden

When you rent a cabin in Norrbotten in northern Sweden, you are offered a calm pace, untouched nature and an amazing wilderness. Norrbotten's coast has a quiet archipelago and the ocean has a world - unique brackish water and a land that rises every year out of the ocean. The Arctic Circle cuts through in northern Norrbotten, here you can see the midnight sun shining beautifully during the summer – that is when it’s bright around the clock. The nature around along our cabins is varied and perfect for hiking, fishing, swimming and relaxation. It is noticeable that you are close to the country of Finland because both the dialect and the village names resemble Finland and many inhabitants are fluent in the Finnish language.

Norrbotten is located along the coast in northern Norrland - the northernmost coast in Sweden. The landscape borders Lapland to the west, Västerbotten to the south and the Gulf of Bothnia to the east. The border between Sweden and Finland runs northeast of Norrbotten with the Torne River flowing along the national border.

Norrbotten has an area of 26,671 km² and the province has 194,002 inhabitants.

Nature and fishing in northern Sweden

From the cabin in Norrbotten, you can easily get out into the beautiful untouched nature we have here in northern Sweden. Meet the animals in their natural environment and feel the fresh air. Here are many fine fishing waters that offer exciting fishing opportunities, beautiful meandering rivers, wild rapids and calm lakes.

Find your own place to fish undisturbed and cook your fresh caught catch out in nature or bring it back to you cabin for a wonderful prepared meal., Norrbotten is quite empty, Compared to southern Sweden, which means that there is a good chance that you can move undisturbed in nature and get that really genuine nature experience.

Book a fishing cabin n Norrbotten: Fishing cabins in Norrbotten

Read about a unique fishing method that you can try in Norrbotten, Sikhåvning =whitefish fishing: Unique fishing in Sweden - Whitefish fishing

Cities in Norrbotten

Generally it is quite sparse between the cities in northern Sweden, but as you move through the countryside and forests you will pass many smaller towns with shops, gas stations, restaurants and other necessities.

Luleå - Northern Sweden's capital

A visit to Luleå can be a nice contrast to the tranquility of the cabin you rent from us. Luleå is a county town in Sweden. Luleå has Norrbotten's largest selection of shops, both larger chains and local shops as well as a number of cozy cafés and restaurants.

The culture house in Luleå

The culture house is centrally located in the north harbor in Luleå with walking distance from shopping, and entertainment. There is an art gallery, city library and concert halls.

World Heritage Gammelstad's church town in Luleå

The world heritage Gammelstad's church town is the place where Luleå was founded and grew from a small trading place to a large city. In 1996, UNESCO included the Old Town Church City on the list of World Heritage Sites Indispensable to Humanity.

The archipelago in Luleå

The Luleå archipelago is fantastic and something you should really experience when you rent a cabin in Norrbotten. On Sandön, is Klubbviken ocean beach which is the archipelago's most popular day trip destination for tourists. The archipelago is served by tour boats to the most popular islands, the boats depart from the southern harbor.

Piteå - Tourist city

Piteå is a tourist and summer town in northern Sweden. A small town with strong contrasts, with archipelago, sea, rivers, forests and a beautiful countryside.

Piteå is a charming shopping town with everything from small individual shops to many of the large chains, cozy cafes and restaurants. Piteå is known for the dish pitepalt, here you can get real pitepalt as it should be served.

In central Piteå, you’ll find Piteå's largest park next to the cozy Strömsund Canal. Here, the activities are plenty during the summer. Along the Strömsund Canal between the northern and southern harbors, there is an appreciated walking path.

In Piteå you can visit...

► Pite Havsbad "Swedish Riviera" next to the outlet of the Pite River, with a five kilometer long sandy beach, adventure pool and activity center.

► Piteå Museum and Piteå Art Gallery.

► Boat trip exploring the midnight sunlight while you enjoy a all you can eat Shrimp Cruise with entertainment, in the Piteå archipelago.

► Northern Sweden's best go-kart track at Piteå Motor stadium.

► Pite River from the mountains to the coast in Sweden offers a variety of experiences and activities, including a fantastic fishing.


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