Terms and conditions

For rental of accommodation in Sweden through Incoming Center of Scandinavia AB

The terms of the agreement apply from 2022-03-01 and until a new agreement enters into force. Date of update is presented at the bottom.

Rental Conditions between Incoming Center of Scandinavia AB in Sweden and the tenant.

§ 1 Introduction

1.1 This agreement is the current provisions between Incoming Center of Scandinavia AB and the landlord.

1.2 The name Incoming or Incoming AB means the company ORG: 556622-5479 Incoming Center of Scandinavia AB with staff.

1.3 The term tenant means the person who makes a booking of a cabin and his fellow travelers.

1.4 The term landlord means the owner of the cabin in Sweden and other persons appointed by him on his own to be responsible for various obligations such as cleaning, handing over keys and the like.

1.5 We at Incoming reserve the right to make printing errors. 

1.6 The term cabin means house, cottage, apartment, property and all type of accomondation the landlord provides for the tenant.

§ 2 Arrival and departure

2.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, arrival is at the earliest at 16:00 on the day of arrival and departure no later than 11.00 on the day of departure.

2.2 The landlord is responsible for the key handover, that the cabin is cleaned, deposit management and other necessary information.

2.3 The cabin must always be handed over to the tenant in a tidy condition. If possible and by agreement, final cleaning can be purchased, this must be announced before the trip. If the tenant pays for final cleaning, this means that the landlord vacuums, wipes the floor and cleans the bathroom. Everything else according to section 2.4 is carried out by the tenant.

2.4 If the final cleaning is carried out by the tenant, this means that all appliances, surfaces and counters are thoroughly cleaned. The floor must be vacuumed and dried. Refrigerators, pantries and sinks must be cleaned of food debris, garbage must be thrown in the garbage bin outdoors. All things are to be put back in place.

2.5 The landlord has an obligation to rectify mistakes in the cleaning that are encountered during a joint inspection upon arrival. Dirt, garbage and leftovers that are found during the stay, the tenant is not entitled to claim compensation for.

§ 3 Booking, cancellation and payment

3.1 When the landlord has approved the booking and Incoming has sent the confirmation by e-mail to the tenant. Then the booking is binding between the landlord and the tenant and these terms and conditions enter into force.

3.2 20% of the rental amount is paid out as soon as the guest has paid their invoice, this is usually done within 30 days of booking. The remaining 80% of the rent is paid when the entire rental amount has been received by Incoming, this is usually done no later than 30 days before arrival. The tenant is also given the opportunity to pay the full amount directly instead of splitting the payment. We confirm future payments via E-mail.

3.3 If the booking is made 60 days and later before arrival, Incoming AB ensures that you get the rent paid as soon as the tenant has paid.

3.4 The landlord is obliged to keep the cabin at the tenant's disposal when the booking has been confirmed.

3.5 If the landlord breaches the agreement, he will be liable to repay the rent he received and an administration cost of the same amount as the commission Incoming AB loses as a result of the breach of contract.

3.6 The landlord has the right to withdraw from the agreement if the vacation cabin in Sweden cannot be provided or be used due to fire, non-temporary interruptions in water or energy supply or other circumstances of an equally intrusive nature, which the landlord does not control and could not foresee. The entire rental amount must then be repaid. Incoming AB needs documentation from the landlord's insurance company that proves the damage in question, as support for the tenant in negotiations with their insurance company.

3.7 In the event of force majeure (natural disaster, war, epidemic and the like) which means that the lease cannot be implemented or is significantly hampered, the parties may withdraw from the agreement without being held liable. The landlord must repay the amount paid, but cannot be held further liable.

3.8 In addition to costs for electricity consumption, boat, bicycles, guest house, firewood and the like, it is the landlord's responsibility to ensure that it is included in the description.

3.9 Bed linen and towels are brought by the tenant. If the landlord provides bedding, this must be included in the description. If the tenant wishes to rent bed linen and this is possible as described, this must be pre-booked.

3.10 If the tenant cancels by using Incoming's security protection or other significant reason and the landlord does not refund 80% of the rent paid. Incoming then reserves the right to rent out the cabin for the canceled period to cover the cost.

3.11 In the event of cancellation up to and including 30 days before arrival, the paid booking fee of 20% is maintained in accordance with § 3.2. If full payment has been made, the landlord must repay the remaining 80% of the paid rent amount. If canceled later than 30 days before arrival, the full amount of the paid rent will be retained.

3.12 For bookings made from and including 27 March 2020, the guest is entitled to a free rebooking. Rebooking can take place up to 30 days in advance. Payment date according to § 3.2 is not affected if the stay is postponed. Rebooking only applies to the booked cabin in Sweden and if the landlord confirms that the new rental period is possible. If the guest wants to change to a period with a higher rent, the guest is responsible for the difference. If the guest changes to a period with a lower rent, the guest is not entitled to a deduction or refund of the difference.

§ 4 The Stay

4.1 The tenant may not bring more people or pets than agreed at the time of booking.

4.2 If the cabin is adapted for more people than the number of people included in the booking, there is the possibility for the tenant to apply for additional fellow travelers. The tenant can also apply to bring additional pets.

4.3 Until the day of arrival, the registered fellow passengers can be replaced free of charge, however, this must be announced in advance.

4.4 Pets may only be brought if agreed. The pet must not be left unattended in the cabin. The tenant bears full responsibility for damage caused by his pet. Pets are not allowed on sofas and beds.

4.5 If something in the cabin is found to be damaged, to the extent that the stay is significantly impaired for the tenants, then the landlord has an obligation to repair the damage. The obligation ceases if the damage has been caused by the tenant or appears to be of a lesser degree by both the landlord and Incoming AB.

§ 5 Liability

5.1 The landlord has the right to take a deposit from the tenant on arrival. This deposit is a guarantee that the tenant cleans up, returns keys and that nothing is destroyed. If everything is in order when the cabin is returned, the landlord will refund the deposit.

5.2 The tenant is obliged to take care of the cabin and follow the landlord's rules of procedure. In the event of damage caused by the tenant, he must immediately report the damage to the landlord so that he can minimize the compensation cost and prevent consequential damages from occurring.

5.3 Smoking indoors is prohibited in all cabins in Sweden, unless it is stated in writing in the description that it is allowed.

5.4 The landlord is obliged to have insurance on the cabin that covers damage in general. If the insurance covers the damage caused by the tenant, the tenant is obliged to pay the deductible.

5.5 Incoming is not responsible for damages incurred by the tenant, nor loss, theft or damage to the tenant's or landlord's property.

5.6 Incoming is not responsible for power outages or water outages. This also includes non-functioning equipment such as washing machines, televisions, radios, kitchen electronics and the like.

5.7 Incoming is not responsible for disturbing sounds or other disturbing moments.

5.8 The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the tenant has access to basic needs (drinking water, toilet and the like) during their stay in the cabin. If this does not exist, it must be clearly stated in the description of the cabin. If problems arise, the landlord is obliged to ensure that the tenant has access in another way. This may involve giving the tenant the opportunity to drink water from a container, arrange a temporary toilet or the like.

§ 6 Description

6.1 Since Incoming is an advertising market and is based on information provided by the landlord, the landlord has full responsibility to check on our websites that the description of the cabin in Sweden is correct and that the pictures correspond to reality.

6.2 The fact that pets are not allowed thus does not mean that the cabin is allergy-friendly. The landlord can have pets on their own.

6.3 If a cabin is allergy-friendly, the landlord is responsible for ensuring that it is met. The landlord must describe the allergy friendliness.

§ 7 Complaints

7.1 Complaints must be resolved directly on site with the landlord, complaints afterwards cannot be met.

7.2 Incoming undertakes to mediate in the event of a complaint if there are uncertainties due to the language barrier between the landlord and the tenant. After the rental period, the parties may provide their own interpreter if the complaint progresses.

7.3 Incoming does not take over any responsibility if the tenant does not keep the agreement. Costs due to decisions based on own initiatives are not taken over by Incoming.

"We recommend a review of the cabin's furnishings and technical equipment on arrival to prevent complaints. We recommend the same review on the tenants' departure to ensure that everything is in order."

§ 8 Copyright

8.1 All content, images, texts, videos, source code and the like on Incoming's websites and other documents are copy-protected in accordance with the Copyright Act.

8.2 The landlord may copy and use videos and images he has provided to Incoming as well as text in Swedish that the landlord has written himself.

8.3 Text that has been translated into languages other than Swedish by Incoming may not be copied and used for commercial purposes. However, it is possible to buy loose translated text, contact Incoming for a cost estimate.

8.4 Incoming holds the right to use all provided material for commercial purposes. Such as videos, pictures and text. For example, we may publish your ad on our social media or use your images in various campaigns.

8.5 It is the landlord's obligation to ensure that all material he has sent to Incoming does not violate any of Sweden's laws.

§ 9 Litigation

9.1 Härnösand city in Sweden applies as the place of trial between Incoming and the landlord.

9.2 In addition to this agreement, only Swedish law applies.