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Cabin 2882 Västerbotten Sweden
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Cabin 2078 Västerbotten Sweden
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Cabin 3096 Västerbotten
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Västerbotten 3096 - Cozy cottage within walking distance to a lake

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About Västerbotten in Sweden

The province of Västerbotten, Sweden

The province of Västerbotten is located in Norrland, in northeastern Sweden. It borders Ångermanland to the south, to the west and north Lapland, to the north Norrbotten and to the east the Gulf of Bothnia.

Västerbotten has an intense summer with bright summer nights. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the sun travel from day to night to day again from the terrace of your cabin. During the summer there are great hiking trails in Västerbotten, for example Kungsleden.

If you rent a cabin during the winter, there are great slopes for skiing, ice fishing or why not try dog sledding? The chance to experience the Northern Lights, aurora borealis, are great in Västerbotten.

Västerbotten occupies one - eighth of Sweden's area. Around 260,000 inhabitants live here, of which almost 80% live in the coastal municipalities.

If you book a cabin near Umeå in Västerbotten

The city of Umeå, is also called the city of birch tree, and it is located by the Ume River.
Umeå is northern Sweden's trendiest shopping city with a large selection of malls and unique shops, restaurants and outdoor cafes. If you need a change from the peaceful cabin life then a visit to Umeå will do you good.
The most popular places to visit in Umeå are Västerbotten's museum and open-air museum with three Swedish Sami tribes.
Umeå Energy centrum is a museum and day trip destination, built around Umeå's first hydropower plant.
The house of moose in Bjurholm, about 45 minutes from Umeå, is a place we can warmly recommend during your stay in Västerbotten. Visit the park and get a chance of petting moose or watching them being milked, there is also a restaurant and shop that sell moose cheese and other moose products.

If you book a cabin near Lycksele in Västerbotten

Lycksele, which is located inland, has a center that offers various shopping, restaurants and cafes. Locally produced delicacies and locally produced Swedish crafts are available at good prices.
Gammplatsen, is the city's place of origin with its 400-year history. The place is a living cultural heritage that offers a large range of activities, a perfect destination for young and old during the holidays. Here is a homestead village with historic buildings, the Same tribes, a forest museum and Lapland's botanical garden.
The underground church St. Anna a unique ecumenical church located 90 m underground.
Sweden's northernmost zoo with amusement park.
Ansia Water Park, a water adventure for all ages.
The many lakes, streams and larger rivers Örälven, Umeälven and Vindelälven offer top-class fishing if you are looking for a vacation of fishing.

If you book a cabin near Skellefteå in Västerbotten

Skellefteå is a coastal municipality in Sweden.
Skellefteå is one of the few Swedish cities with continuous park paths along the river.
In the middle of the city you’ll find Skellefteå City Park, a green oasis that invites both relaxation and activities.
Nordanå is a cultural area near the city center. Here you will find cafés, restaurants, playground, art galleries, museum and general stores, a nice day trip destination while you stay in the cabin.
Another destination for your holiday is Marranäsvältan, Norrland's Mini Grand Canyon. A powerful natural phenomenon that is a result of the melting of the ice sheet.
Within Skellefteå municipality, you’ll find fishing all types of fishing, everything from salmon and sea trout fishing in rivers, to pike and perch fishing in lakes, a perfect combination for your fishing holiday.
Wonderful experiences that suit all ages when you rent a cabin in the province of Västerbotten.


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Every country around our world have their own culture, their own specialty foods, and in the eyes of foreigners usually some funny, weird or even quirky behaviors, and Sweden is not an exception to any of that. We hope that you will embrace and understand some of these phenomenon during your cabin rental vacation here, take a peek in this article and read about these 10 Swedish behaviors and see if you recognize any of them in your own country.