Rent a Cabin in Sweden

Rent a cabin in Sweden

Rent a cabin through us! If you want to experience Sweden in a very unique and cultural way as we Swedes like it, you have come to the right place. Sweden's rich forests, meadows, mountains, lakes and archipelagos are surrounded by charming cabins that comes with everything from modern to old-fashioned style. So why spend your vacation at a regular hotel in Sweden when you, your family, co-workers and friends can rent your own cabin and make your vacation into something very personal and special instead. 

    Get closer to nature and the Swedish idyll. Be flexible and book a cabin that suits your wishes.
    We are a Swedish cabin agency, a Norrland family business based in the High Coast Area of Sweden. We are experts of Sweden and have focused entirely on cabins in Sweden. We also speak and read both Swedish and English if interpretation is needed.
    Renting a private cabin for your vacation is a cheaper, more flexible and much more personal alternative.
    Avoid the risk of being scammed by fraudsters. Through us, all parties have reached an agreement if any ambiguities would arise. We also offer extra security protection for increased security for you.
    We are here for you, and you can always reach us on phone number 004670-267 46 33Contact us for any questions or concerns.

Sweden's best cabin agency?

We work actively to provide Sweden's best service and become the best at cabin brokerage. For us, it is incredibly important to have a genuinely good collaboration with both the landlords and the guests. We think it’s important to be open and available and let everyone see what others think of our work. We want you to feel secure in us, and a good way to feel secure and assured is to read online reviews. Feel free to compare our cabin agency reviews with others.

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