We use cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very small text file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website that uses cookies. The next time you visit the same website it may read your cookies and display the pages according to your settings. Other good things that cookies do is making sure that the whole content of a form will be sent when you send it. A cookie cannot contain codes so therefore you do not have to worry about malicious codes getting into your computer.

Our cookies

Our cookies do not contain any data about you and do not give us any information about who you are. Our cookies collect information about your visit to the website to give you as a visitor the best possible experience, for an example, so that the website remember your search criteria and that it remember which cabin you have saved to your favorite list. Cookies also helps to analyze our website so we can improve user-friendliness. Cookies provide us with web statistics and can help us locate problems.

Cookies for analysis

These cookies collect information about the behavior pattern on our website and give us information about overall interception patterns rather than individual user’s behavior. This helps us improve your experience on our website. 

Cookies for advertisement 

These cookies collect useful information on our website, as an example Google and Facebook can show you relevant advertising from us. Cookies for ads are automatically deleted after 14 days.

Cookies can automatically be deleted after a certain time, which may vary. But the cookies are renewed with each visit to our website. You can also delete cookies yourself.

If you do not accept that cookies are stored in your computer, you can choose to block them by going to the settings for your browser. You can visit the website of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and change the settings to whether you want to save cookies or not.