Information about Coronavirus – Cabin agency in Sweden

About Coronavirus when you rent a cabin in Sweden

How does it look now?

As a cabin agency and part of the tourism industry, we are very much affected by the current Covid-19 situation. We love Sweden and want more people to have a chance to experience our wonderful country, but with closed borders and a general concern about safety it means that there are fewer tourist traveling to Sweden. This obviously affects us in the industry a lot. On the other hand for you that is already a tourist in Sweden, this situation means that more rental homes are vacant and you have a great chance of finding a really nice cabin.

Our expectation is that more Swedish people will spend their vacation time within Sweden’s borders, by doing that you promote tourism within Sweden at the same time as you will have a wonderful vacation. It is beneficial if more people shop with small business owners, where every customer is extremely important. You also never have to worry about canceled flights or closed national borders.

Renting a cabin in Sweden is one of the safest way of vacationing that you can do in addition to pitching a tent in the forest, a cabin is the absolute safest form of accommodation in Sweden. Many cabins are very secluded and the risk for infection is there for minimal. Here you can have a comfortable vacation in a Swedish summer paradise and experience a new environment of nature, lakes, the ocean, forests, swimming and fishing.

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Tenants’ rights

Can I cancel?

You can always cancel. The booking fee is something that the landlord receives as security to keep the accommodation reserved, this is usually not refunded in case of a cancellation. What else applies depends on time and circumstances, we refer to current cancellations in our Rental Conditions..

If you have already paid for the cabin we advise you to contact your landlord and discuss your current situation with said person, perhaps it is possible to postpone your stay until your situation has been resolved. If you can’t come to an agreement then we can always help out and see if we can resolve the matter.

It may also be possible to receive compensation through your travel insurance.
Contact your travel insurance company for more information of what applies to you.

Can I rebook?

If the cabin is vacant for the desired period you want to change to and the rent/price is the same, we don’t see any problems with rebooking. We will recommend your landlord to accept this change of events and usually they have no problems with this. It is always up to the landlord to approve of such a change.

If the stay is moved to a period with higher rent, you will have to pay the difference in the rental price. If your stay are moved to a period where the original rent is lower than what you already paid, you cannot expect to get the difference back in the rental price.

NOTE! We have now introduced free rebooking’s from 2020-03-27 and forward. We believe that this is something that benefits us all. Many are of course cautious right now and we hope that the availability of free rebooking’s will provide an increased security to everyone that wishes to rent a cabin for their vacation.

Can I cancel if I become sick/ill?

We recommend that you book our Security Protection. With that you can always get your money back for the paid rent, (even if it’s close to the date of arrival), in case you or someone else in your party becomes sick or injured and you can’t carry out your planned trip. This also applies if the illness is due to Covid-19 and it’s valid for the rent amount of up to 2,000 €

Ways to reduce the risks

  • Avoid touching the mouth and eyes.
  • Avoid contact with sick people, and all unnecessary touching.
  • Avoid big gatherings and keep a distance to people.
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and warm water.
  • Use hand sanitizer if you have no access to soap and water.
  • Cough and sneeze into your arm fold or into a napkin that is then discarded off.
  • Greet each other without shaking hands.