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Welcome to a genuine family business based in Härnösand in the beautiful High Coast Area of Sweden. We strive to give you a safe and personal bond with our cabin agency, with the goal of fulfilling your vacation and holiday dream.

We who are here for you while either you want to rent, or if you want to rent out your cabin in Sweden...

Michael at cabinsinsweden.com your cabin rental agency in Sweden

Contact | michael.punkt.dertnig@sverigestugor.eu

Michael Dertnig - The agency’s back bone

My hobbies are hiking in the Swedish nature and in the mighty Alps in my home country of Austria, I love to spend time with my family, friends and have a relaxing time in the sauna. I am also a trained sauna master and I will be happy to invite you to an aufguss.

Area of responsibility:

CEO who works largely with personal customer contact. When you rent or lease a cottage through our cabin agency you will most likely have some contact with me either by phone or email. I’m also responsible of the German translations of cottages and other documents in writing.

Tommy at cabinsinsweden.com your cabin rental agency in Sweden

Contact | tommy.punkt.asplund@sverigestugor.eu

Tommy Asplund - Our Safe Hand

My heart burns for travel and experience foreign cultures and to try out other cultures' foods and drinks. Long or short trips, neighboring countries or really far away does not matter - the important thing is that you take the time to enjoy and experience foreign cultures. I am also very interested in long nature walks, for example in the High Coast Region or in the mountainous world of Sweden. Another thing that I am very passionate about in my spare time is fishing - as we have the ocean close by, I also enjoy growing plants and flowers in my Garden.

Area of responsibility:

I have solid experience of running companies and are currently stepping down after 19 years from the position of CEO to give way to our younger generation. My work today consists mostly of the company's finances and accounting and act as a pillar for my colleagues.

Maria at cabinsinsweden.com your cabin rental agency in Swedene

Contact | maria.punkt.dertnig@sverigestugor.eu

Maria Dertnig - The Company's Sun light

In my free time I like outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, riding and going for a picnic. My interests are gardening, interior design & cooking. I live in a villa in Härnösand with my husband Michael, our daughter Wilda and our dog Jesper.

Area of responsibility:

I have in-depth contact with new landlords for the placement of cabins and houses at our cabin agency. I also take care of the administration of the cottages and am responsible for the company's Social Media. Most of what you see on all our Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest and the like is done by me.

Carina at cabinsinsweden.com your cabin rental agency in Sweden

Contact | carina.punkt.asplund@sverigestugor.eu

Carina Asplund - The Heart of the Company

In my free time I love to take a sunny ride on my electric bike, hiking or fishing (fishing is relaxation for me). I like to go on a picnic with my children, grandchildren and dogs in our beautiful nature. In the winter, I like to travel to warmer climates and experience new cultures.

Area of responsibility:

I take care of many parts of the cabin agency, including the preparation of directions to the cabins, description and image management of both new and old listings of the cottages. I also take care of the business administration and accounting.

Patrik at cabinsinsweden.com your cabin rental agency in Sweden

Contact | patrik.punkt.asplund@sverigestugor.eu

Patrik Asplund - The Company’s handyman

I like to take on the role of the barbecue master when I'm out in the wild with my dog, family and friends, I combine fire and iron to put my soul in the food that I’m making. Some of my interests are to sit as a board member in the district court, and I’m also a crew member on duty with the coast guard.

Area of responsibility:

Web developer who is responsible for the technical parts of our cabin agency. For the most part, marketing and development of cabin rentals both internally and externally. Like my colleagues, I have a finger in many of the company's business areas. If you’re looking to rent a cottage through us, or if you’re looking to rent out your cottage, you will have the chance to get in touch with me.

Sara at cabinsinsweden.com your cabin rental agency in Sweden

Contact | saraat.@sverigestugor.eu

Sara Gradin - Our English addition

The best thing I know is to be out in nature, I spend my time there as much as I can and what makes me the happiest are long walks along the ocean or to be able to explore new small roads and paths in the forest, preferably with my two children. Photography is also an interest that has grown in recent years. I like to travel with my children, I would love to explore more of Europe, but also travel back to the USA where I lived for over 20 years. A dream I have is to be able to buy a really good telescope so I can study stars and planets, as space and the universe is something that fascinates me a lot.

Area of responsibility:

I am the company's English-speaking travel producer and am responsible for the development of the English website as well as the contact and marketing towards English tourism.

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