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Rent out your cabin in Sweden! It's easy to rent out your cabin through us. You add your cabin, house or apartment by clicking the button below. You will then reach a questionnaire where you can click in your information about your facilities and what may fit the description about your accommodation. If there is something you do not know at the moment and/or need to check out before hand, you can supplement the information afterwards.

We want to receive images via email to ensure that they are optimized in the best size and format. We will contact you when we have received the form and we will then arrange it and answer any questions or concerns. If you already have the pictures ready, you can send them to: - It is possible that you send via e.g. if your email program has restrictions.

See our video guide on how to send large or many pictures and videos with wetransfer.

    Free to accept or not for each individual booking.
    It is completely free for you to have your ad on our websites, our guests pay for our service.
    All guests enter into a rental agreement. You also get paid in advance and we take the currency risk. Read more...
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    We translate and market your cabin in Scandinavia, English and German-speaking countries.
    We are one of the few Swedish cabin agencies in Sweden, a family business based in Norrland in the High Coast Area. We take pride in our work and we follow all rules and regulations in Sweden. All our agreements are drawn up on the basis of Swedish legislation. Read about us...


Before you start filling out the form, it is a good idea to prepare an informative and selling description of your accommodation. Take a document and write down a little about your cabin, what the surroundings look like and what interesting tourist attractions are nearby the cabin.

Forms will remain open in the browser memory for many hours, but it has happened that someone took 1-2 days to complete a description, then the memory may have been freed due to inactivity, which means that there will be a "time out" when the form is to be sent. Therefore, it is good to prepare the description before starting to fill out the form.

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We work actively to provide Sweden's best service and become the best cabin agency. For us, it is incredibly important to have genuinely good collaboration with both house owners and guests. We think it's fair to be transparent and we let everyone see what others think of our work. We want you to feel secure, so it's good to read reviews online. Feel free to compare our cabin agency's reviews with others.

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