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The company was founded in 2001

Incoming Center of Scandinavia AB was founded in 2001, we were then an incoming agency that arranged tailor-made package tours to Sweden, for tour operators and companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the coming years, we received more and more requests from German-speaking tourists to rent accommodation for their vacation in Sweden. The demand was especially high for booking private cabins, which in turn led to a new business idea, to renew and become a cabin agency.

Our new business idea as a cabin agency begun in 2004

In 2004, we decided to fully invest in the business of cabin rentals. We built a German-language website and a database for Swedish private summer cabins, where we as an intermediary connection help out with the language barrier that exists between tenants and landlords. was launched and the demand from both guests and private individuals who wanted to rent out their cabins began to move.

Stugförmedling år 2004

Over the next 10 years, our small family business grew to become Sweden's largest advertising market for Swedish summer cabins in Germany. During that period, we launched many other websites, partly to reach out to tenants from Sweden and Scandinavia - where we manually translated all descriptions from German back to Swedish. We also launched several niche websites. For example, to reach guests who love to fish, and are looking for cabins close to good fishing waters. and

In 2015, it was time for us to make an investment to modernize our websites and our booking system. At the end of the year, the extensive planning and development of a completely new web application created in collaboration with our friends at Ideo Agency began. We created completely new websites with modern and flexible technology to make it as easy as possible for our visitors to book their cabin. Technology is advancing and with the new websites it is possible to book a cabin regardless of whether it is via a TV or with a mobile phone. At the same time, the booking system simplifies a lot for both us and our landlords.

Stugförmedling år 2004

We made this improvement at just the right time, shortly afterwards several large multinational booking companies began to enter the Swedish market. With their endless resources, they competed with many of the Swedish cabin agencies. We succeeded thanks to the fact that we have modernized ourselves and are also a very popular cabin agency on the market., and

2020-2021, the corona pandemic causes havoc in the world and we ask ourselves how best to emerge stronger from this crisis. Should we hide or bet? We chose to bet. To keep up with the rapid development, we made an extensive modernization of our websites. Among other things, we rebuilt the entire search function so that it is linked to a map and simplified the mobile use of our websites. At the same time, we built a completely new website aimed at a new clientele, all English speaking tourists. In March 2021, we expanded our staff with an English speaking coworker and in August 2021, we launched our new English website -

Stugförmedling år 2021

During the pandemic year of 2021, we also started a collaboration with High Coast Tourism, where we as an established vacation agency and also residents of The High Coast, help our local destination to reach more visitors. We are now part of High Coast tourism and High Coast Destination development, where we are the cabin agency that takes care of the rentals of cabins in The High Coast Area, but of course we work just as hard to provide cabins throughout all of Sweden. 

Rent a cabin in The High Coast of Sweden

We are a certified UC Platinum company

Our cabin agency has received the UC certificate of Platinum Company. A UC Certificate as a Platinum Company shows that a company has had the highest credit rating Gold for at least five years.

"A UC certificate shows if you are a long-term partner. It can strengthen your brand and differentiate you from other companies as a safe business partner. Companies in risk class 5 Gold are considered to have the highest credit rating, and a 99.76% or greater probability of survival as a company."

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