Try Railbike on your Holiday in Sweden

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cycle railbike when you rent a cabin in sweden

Riding on a railbike has become increasingly popular in Sweden, the more the railway has been rebuilt the more railbike tracks have been made of the old railroad track. Riding the railbike in Sweden is something you can do yourself, with friends or with the whole family. Traveling on a railbike is not difficult in any way at all because the railbikes run very easily on the track, it is firmly attached to the rails and you decide your own pace, as long as you respect the other people on the track and doesn’t ride to close or to fast you’ll have a wonderful time. If you get tired, you can just change with your partner and rest on the small bench on the railbike.

Here you have a little different adventure you can do when you rent your cabin with us, pack a picnic basket and get out on the tracks that will take you through the Swedish summer landscape, you will find opportunities for both fishing and swimming and find barbecue areas after the railway where you can enjoy the beautiful Swedish summer.

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Railbike tips

  • Railbikes are easy to pedal and suitable for all ages.
  • If the railbike has a bench on the side, a fellow passenger can sit there. There is also railbikes without a bench.
  • We have had the dog with us when we rode the railbike and it went very well. The dog sat with the passenger on the bench. There may be some loud noises, you know your dog best, it is important that the dog feels comfortable.
  • The railbike has a brake and it is okay to stop for a while, but if you stay on the track for too long there is a risk of a buildup of other riders.
  • It is possible to lift the railbike to the side to let other riders pass. 
  • Pack a coffee basket in the cabin to take with you during the trip. Do not forget sunscreen if it is hot. 
  • Young children can often ride in a special child seat. You can check for this when you book the railbike. 
  • Lead the railbike over busy roads. These are usually marked with a stop sign.
  • It is possible to turn the railbike around with the help of a turning plate in the groove. These are usually found at the end of the track. The bike can also be turned around by hand.

railbike with dog on holiday in sweden

Railbike through the Swedish landscape

Here we have put together a list of some of the railbike tracks that you can find in Sweden, maybe some of them are just around the corner from your rented cabin.

Tip! Book your excursion well in advance, during the high season there are many tourists on the go and it can be fully booked really fast.

ride a railbike close to your cabin in Småland Sweden

Rail biking on Smalspåret in Småland Sweden

Railbike from Hultsfred to Målilla in Småland, Sweden

The narrow track in Småland has two stages for rail biking, one runs between Hultsfred and Målilla which is a distance of 22 km. About halfway there is an old station house and a rest area. Then the journey continues whizzing through beautiful nature and ends with you cycling across a lake. On the other side of the lake there is a rest area with benches and an outdoor toilet. Here you can swim and there is also a hiking trail around the lake.

All photos in this article are taken along the route Hultsfred and Målilla during our vacation in Småland. We booked a half day which we thought was just right. We had plenty of time for swimming and coffee at the rest area in Målilla before we rode our railbike the same distance back.

Rail biking between Åseda and Virserum in Småland, Sweden

The second stage is between Åseda and Virserum and is about 54 km long. Here you ride past old nice guard cabins and a wonderful cultural landscape, past Virserum's lake and further into beautiful old forest. At Virserum station you will also find a classic old pressbyrå kiosk and an orange old telephone kiosk, both in the 50s style that may be worth immortalizing with the camera. Pack a basket with coffee, bring extra water bottles and go on adventures from your cabin, rail biking is both environmentally friendly and great for your body and soul.

Railbike between Flaten and Gårdveda in Småland, Sweden

This is a new track from 2020 where you get to experience Småland in miniature. The distance is 12 km round trip. The track takes you through a varied landscape with several lakes and streams.

Ride a railbike on the rail track in Skåne Sweden

Railbike at Österlen in Skåne, Sweden

Railbike between Gyllebosjö and St: Olof in Skåne, Sweden

The distance is about 14 km round trip, here the track runs between Gyllebosjö- St: Olof on Skåne Österlen. You will pass fine pastures with both common cows and highland cows, deer and horses, through beech forests and over open landscapes. After 7 km you reach the stop Gyllebosjö where the railbike track ends, here you turn around and cycle back but first you may want to take a dip in Gyllebo lake, or why not grill at the barbecue area, you have to bring your own charcoal and any lighter fluid from your cabin, Disposable grills are not allowed here as the lake is surrounded by a nature reserve. Restroom is available by the lake.

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Railbike between Fyledalen and Tomelilla in Skåne, Sweden

There is another stretch between Fyledalen and Tomelilla, the track is about 18 km round trip and takes about 2 hours to cycle, along the trail there are 3 rest areas, one of which has a barbecue area, here the same applies as above that you bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid from your cabin. Watch out for cows, there are two places where cows can cross the track between their pastures.

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Rail bike during your holiday in Dalarna in Sweden

The inland railway in Dalarna, Sweden 

The track is 60 km long and runs on the disused inland rail road track, it stretches between Vansbro and Mora in Dalarna and you can start the journey at any end you want. Here you can rent tandem bikes- if you are two adults with two children and everyone wants to sit together (two people will peddle) or single bikes which is suitable for one adult and two children or for two adults. You will ride near the river and next to lakes, through a lot of forest and wilderness. You can choose if you want to make a half or full day trip from your cabin and do not forget to bring your swimwear and fishing rods, or hotdogs and bread to grill at one of the barbecue areas.

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Ride a rail bike on the Dellenbanan in Sweden

The railbike track Dellenbanan in Hälsingland

The starting point is Delsbo station and lies in the middle between the two end stations, the entire stretch is 54 km long between Hudiksvall and Hybo, you can choose to ride either way. The journey takes you through tunnels, over bridges and along beautiful lakes. Here you have tandem railbike where you can cycle two at the same time and a small bench where the children can sit on, there’s also single railbikes for one person who peddles and one who rides along. Pack a picnic basket and bring your swimwear for a dip at Dell Beach.

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Ride a railbike on the rail track in north Sweden

Haparandabanan railbike track in Norrbotten

This is the longest railbike track in Sweden, it is a full 93 km long and stretches between Haparanda and Morjärv in Norrbotten County. The starting point is Vitvattnet's station and from there you can choose which direction you want to ride the bike, all you need to think about are other bikers and if there is any animals on the track, no trains run on the rails because the railway is closed to regular train traffic. You will travel through forests and fields, over bridges and through tunnels and if you are lucky you may also come across a reindeer or two. The track also follows the Torne River and past the famous Kukkola rapids where you can fish in the unique way called Sikhåvning. When you rent a cabin nearby, we recommend that you try both railbike and Sikhåvning. 

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