Day hikes on your stay in Sweden

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Hiking on your stay in Sweden!

If you are interested in both hiking and nature, then Sweden is a perfect destination for you, Sweden has a very large forest area and also a lot of open landscapes that are filled with countless beautiful hiking trails, many trails are also right outside the door of your rented cabin. From Skåne in southern Sweden to Lapland in the north, there are hiking trails for both the experienced and beginners, as long as you take the right precautions and dress according to the season, you can have a fantastic experience. Respect nature and read about the right of public access so you know what applies in Sweden's forests and along its paths. Below we have made a selection of some of the finest trails in Sweden, and we hope you have a nice stay in your rented cabin and your chosen hiking trail.

Day hike during your vacation in a cabin in Sweden

Day hikes on long hiking trails

Since many trails are not circular loops (start and end in the same place) but extend many miles, here are 4 tips for creating a day trip.
  1. Hike half as far as you can and hike the same way back. It may feel boring, but you get to see new views from a different direction.
  2. If you have two cars, you can leave one car at your destination and park one at the starting point, then pick up the car at the starting point after the hike.
  3. You can always ask the landlord who rents out the cabin to you if he can pick you up at your destination.
  4. Adapt the hike after public transportation, start at a bus stop and hike to another bus stop.

Plan in advance how far you will hike. Keep in mind that hiking in terrain takes longer than regular road walks. I usually hike about 20 km during a day trip in varied terrain.

Day trip when you Rent a cabin in the High Coast of Sweden

Daytrip along the High Coast Trail

The High Coast trail in Ångermanland province is almost 130 km long and stretches between Hornöberget on the north side of the high coast bridge all the way to Örnsköldsvik city, along the trail you will find many mountains with awesome viewpoints at the top and you will hike through deep primeval forests, the trail is divided into 13 stages and many of the stages are not far from your rented cabin in the High Coast. The trail has both easy, medium and demanding stages, so depending on your own ability and how far and how long you want to hike, it is good to read about the different stages first.

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Cottage and fireplace by the small high coast trail

Hike the Little High Coast Trail

On the north side of The High Coast Bridge, at the same place where The High Coast Trail starts, you can also hike the Little High Coast Trail. It is the  High Coast Trail in miniature. When you Rent a cabin in The High Coast area and want a small day hike of about 7 km, this is perfect for you. You can also hike a shorter distance of 3 km. The hiking trail offers varied terrain and very beautiful views of the High Coast.

Hike on your holiday in the cabin in Skåne Sweden

Hiking along the Skåneleden trail

The Skåne trail( Skåneleden ) is a total of 1300 km long and stretches over the whole of Skåne province, the trail is divided over 6 sub-trails with about 119 stages. Here you walk from coast to coast through beech forest, on ridges, through spruce forest and along country roads. There is a great chance that your cabin is close to one of these stages because the trail runs through the entire province, and thanks to about 1000 landowners who have approved hikers to travel across their lands, the trail has become a reality for everyone to experience. 

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cabin rental in småland by the highland trail

Day hike on the Höglandsleden trail

The viewing trail, as the Höglands trail is also called, is a total of 440 km long and stretches through Smålands province and consists of a total of 4 different parts. The trail takes you through the Småland highlands and consists of several smaller trails that also connects to several other trails e.g. The Aneby trail and also the Östgötaleden trail. You will find Sweden's southern highest point of 376 m after this route. An excellent day trip to do when you rent your cabin in Småland is to hike some part of the Höglands trail. 

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Rent a cabin and hike the Sörmlands trail

Day trip after the Sörmlandsleden trail

The Sörmlands trail( Sörmlandsleden ) consists of 62 stages that stretch over 1000 km, the trail takes you through beautiful forests, next to many lakes, along cliffs by the coast and also over various mountain peaks, and it is suitable for both the experienced and also easier day hike for those who do not want to hike so far. The experienced hiker can choose to walk the entire trail, or those who want to look around at the cabin you have rented can set up a picnic basket and visit one of the many rest areas that are placed out along the trail.

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Hike Bohus trail when you Rent a cabin in Bohuslän

Hiking along the Bohusleden trail

The Bohusleden trail is a total of about 342 km long and consists of 27 stages and stretches between Lindome in southern Bohuslän to Strömstad in the north. The trail is moderately difficult to difficult, if you are the one who wants more difficult terrain, the northern part of the trail will suit you. Along the trail you can experience both mighty fortresses and castles to wonderful views and wild adult forest and a waterfall with a fall height of 46 m. For day trips from your cabin you only need good hiking shoes, a small lunch bag and a water bottle.

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Day hike when you rent a cottage by Kustleden

Nice hiking along the kustleden Trail

The Kustleden trail ( Kustleden ) follows the Bothnian Sea on small paths, on roads, through old villages and fishing villages, along beautiful forest nature and lovely sandy beaches. The length of the trail is 70 km and stretches between Galtström in Sundsvall municipality to Rogsta in Hudiksvall municipality. At several places along the trail, there are alternative loops that lead back to your starting point without you having to follow the same path, perfect for you who rent a cabin nearby and maybe don’t want to hike too far.

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Day hike along the Kungsleden in north Sweden

Day hike on Kungsleden trail ( King's trail)

If you rent a cabin in the northernmost parts of Sweden, you can explore Kungsleden trail, which is one of the world’s most popular and well-known hiking trails. The entire trail is just over 400 km long and stretches between Abisko and Hemavan, the trail is divided into 5 sections so you can choose if you want to do shorter trails or if you are the one who wants to hike for several weeks. The trail is dramatic and varied and changes between mountain birch forest to alpine landscape and in the summer you will also have a chance to experience the midnight sun. Great consideration is required of those who hike since reindeer herding takes place along the entire trail. It is most common to start or end the trail in Kvikkjokk, Abisko, Saltoluokta, Hemavan, Ammarnäs or Vakktovare. 

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What to keep in mind when leaving the cabin for a day trip

To think about when you’re going hiking

  • Make sure that you walk in comfortable shoes or boots, if you are walking a longer distance, it can be good to have a change of shoes and socks with you.
  • Dress for the season, climate and weather, it's not fun to freeze or get wet during your hike.
  • Do not litter in the nature, what you take with you on your hike you also take back with you. A waste bag is always good to have with you.
  • Always bring at least one water bottle, even if you are only away for a few hours.
  • Binoculars can be fun to bring, there are many animals and birds in the forest and even seals along the coast that can be fun to take a closer look at. 
  • Scrub patches can be good to bring along. Double socks reduce the risk of abrasions.
  • First aid kits are good to have in case of an accident.
  • If you are hiking in deep forest or near bogs, be sure to bring mosquito repellent.
  • Print or download the map of the trail to your mobile phone. There are several apps where you can have the map offline in case you do not have any phone service.
  • Read the instructions on how to set up your backpack. Simple adjustments can be gentle on your back if you have a slightly heavier backpack.