The Swedish sandwich cake

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Rent a cabin in sweden and try Smörgåstårta

Sweden's Smörgåstårta or sandwich cake in English is like a large special Swedish sandwich, but because of its shape and the many different ingredients, the sandwich cake is much more like a cake than a sandwich. You now have the opportunity to make your own sandwich cake while you’re vacationing in your cabin here in Sweden.

The Swedish sandwich cake got its breakthrough in Sweden by pastry chef Gunnar Sjödahl, who launched this cake in 1965. Gunnar got the idea for the cake at the bakery Hallmans Konditori in the beautiful coastal town of Härnösand.

Ingredients: you can find breads specially baked for just sandwich cakes (called landgång) and they are sold at most larger grocery stores in Sweden, otherwise it works fine to use white bread and without the edge around it, it also works good to use e.g. polar bread (polarbröd) or Hönökaka.

Filling: (depending on your taste) e.g. a mixture of crème fraîche (sour cream), quark/curd cheese, heavy cream and mayonnaise. Garnish to your own taste. Prawns, grilled or smoked salmon, crayfish tails, boiled ham, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes is some of the many ways to garnish it.

try smörgåstårta when you visit sweden

The Swedish sandwich cake is built up in layers.

The bottom layer is always a layer of bread. Depending on the desired size and shape, you can use, for example, 4 breads in length and 3 in width. But you can also build them square or round.

Spread with the filling you desire. Spread the next layer of bread on top of that and top it off with the next filling. Repeat until the cake is the desired size. Spread the top layer and the sides with the filling and decorate with e.g. tomato, cucumber slices, hard-boiled eggs and prawns.

Swedish sandwich cake

The Swedish sandwich cake is served cold and you cut it like a normal cake.

You can prepare the sandwich cake in your cabin the day before you are going to eat it, but it is better to put the outermost layer of crème fraiche and mayonnaise or whatever you choose, and the decoration on just before serving it.

The Swedish Smörgåstårta belongs to every festive meal, of course also on the day of the sandwich cake day, which you can celebrate in your rented cabin. It can be served for both lunch and dinner, and since it is very filling, you do not necessarily need to serve any additional dishes.

Feel free to make the Swedish sandwich cake while you’re on vacation in your rented cabin in Sweden.

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Recipe for Swedish sandwich cake:

Swedish sandwich cake with shrimp and tuna, grandmother's favorite recipe.

Ingredients for 8 people:

Regular white bread, cut the sides off. It also works well with polarbröd (polar bread) found in every Swedish grocery store.

For the tuna filling:

2 cans of tuna

Lemon juice from half a lemon

1.5 dl mayonnaise

1.5 dl crème fraîche (sour cream)

1 dl chopped leeks

For the shrimp filling:

300 g peeled prawns, chopped

1.5 dl mayonnaise

1.5 dl crème fraîche (sour cream)

Black pepper (ground)


Cream cheese: processed cheese or cream cheese


1. Mix the fillings separately.

2. Cut off the hard edges on the bread.

3. Now place the bread slices on a larger plate, 6 lengthwise and 4 wide. (Or whatever shape you desire)

4. Spread the cream cheese mix liberally over the bread.

5. Put another layer of bread on top.

6. Spread the tuna filling over the second layer of bread.

7. Put another layer of bread on top.

8. Spread the shrimp filling over the third layer of bread.

9. Put another layer of bread on top.

10. Spread the crème fraîche (sour cream) over and around the cake.

11. Leave the cake in the fridge overnight.

12. Before eating, decorate the cake with eggs, prawns, cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika, lemon, dill, tangerines, grapes and parsley or whatever you like...

We hope the cake tastes good and that it was a fun experience making it in your cabin here in Sweden.