Best fishing waters in Sweden

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Fishing by a cabin in Sweden

The staff at our Swedish cabin rental agency enjoy fishing a lot and love to spend time in the nature. Sweden is a country that is rich in both forest and water, Sweden is one of the world's most densely lake countries and is also called the land of the 100,000 lakes, in this count lakes larger than one hectare have been included, if we would also count lakes that are less than one hectare, the figure will land between 300-500,000 lakes. To this we can also add that the cabins in Sweden are usually close to many rivers, streams, canals and to a very long sea coast, so the opportunities to fish in Sweden are many.

When you go fishing in Sweden, you usually need to purchase a fishing license, you can ask the owner of your cabin where you can buy fishing licenses for the lakes closest to your rented cabin, they usually sell fishing licenses at the nearest gas station or grocery store and also often online. Sometimes some lakes have a fishing ban, it may be because the fish are playing or spawning at that time, it is then important that you respect the rules and regulations of the fishing ban. You do not need a fishing license to fish with hand gear in the 5 largest lakes (Mälaren, Hjälmaren, Vänern, Vättern and Storsjön.), and also in the ocean in Sweden, however in these waters, there are usually different rules in certain areas and periods of the year that one must follow.

I will here write about some of the best fishing waters in Sweden. 

Fishing by a cabin at Mörrumsån

Fishing in Mörrumsån in Blekinge

Renting a cabin close to Mörrumsån is very popular among sport fishermen in Sweden. Mörrumsån is a stream in Blekinge province and it is world famous for its salmon and sea trout fishing and fishermen from all over the world gather here to fish the world's largest salmon and sea trout. It is not only a place for the elite fishermen, it is also great for families with children, fishing packages can be purchased where equipment and bait are included in the price, a fishing guide can also be arranged, all for a wonderful fishing adventure when you rent a cabin in the area. If you do not want to fish all day, you have Laxenshus (house of salmon) here, which has an exhibition about the life and history of the salmon. There is also an aquarium here which have really big salmon on display. Fishing in Mörrumsån are allowed between the last Saturday in March to the last day of September.

Rent a fishing cabin close to Emån

Fishing in Emån in Småland

Emån in Småland province is another river or more of a stream that is known for its salmon and trout fishing and is also the most species-rich fishing area in Sweden, here you can fish for the world's largest sea trout but also 30 other fish species, e.g.  Common species such as pike, perch and roach, there are also catfish in the stream but those are protected so if you get a catfish on the hook you have to release it at once. Emån is a full 220 km long and offers many different waterways for you, e.g. there are many smaller rapids that are perfect for fly fishing. Bring a lunch bag from your cabin and make a day adventure for the whole family.

Fishing by Laholmsbukten

Fishing in Laholmsbukten in Skåne

Between Halmstad in the north and Båstad in the south is the coastal strip known as Laholmsbukten in Skåne province in Sweden, here several watercourses flows into the ocean, including Nissan, Lagan, Smedjeån and Stensån, keep in mind that fishing licenses are valid if you fish in the estuaries while it is free if you fish in the ocean itself. The fishing here is well suited for fly fishing, trolling, spinning and angling. Here you fish for salmon, sea trout, horn pike and various flatfish. Sea trout fishing is at its best in April and the fish bites the best in the evening and at dawn, when the weather gets warmer the best time to fish is at night time. If you rent a cabin in this area, we recommend trying flatfish angling in Lagans estuary, here lots of flatfish are caught every season.

Fishing for Sea trout by your cabin in Bohuslän

Sea trout fishing in South Bohuslän

From April 1 to September 30, you can fish for sea trout on the west coast of Bohuslän, you can choose between fly, spin, trolling or angling, keep in mind that trout that are smaller than 45cm must be released back into the water, and when you use hand gear you can keep max 2 trout or salmon per day. We recommend our cabin renters in this area to try fishing by the fjords around Orust, Stenungsund, Tjörn and Kungälv in Sweden. The fishing here is best in early spring when the fish stays in the shallower areas, waders or tall rain boots are more or less a must so you can walk out in the water, when the water gets a little warmer the fish usually moves to areas with a little current for instance a bay and around headlands and you can then easily fish from the shore.

Fishing in Lake Fegen Halland

Lake Fegen in Halland

Lake Fegen is located on the border between the province of Halland and Västra Götaland in Sweden, it is perfect for family fishing but also for the fishing enthusiast. There is a large variety of fish in Lake Fegen with 17 different species, including pikeperch, pike and perch. The lake is also world-unique as it has spring-spawning Vendace, otherwise the Vendace usually only spawns in the fall. The lake has great depths, shallow bays and many islands, fine sandy beaches and cliffs. You can fish here all year round, but fall and spring are the peak seasons, keep in mind that there is a ban on access to some headlands and islands between 1 April - 31 July when, among other things, great loons and ospreys nest in these places. Pack a lunch bag in the cabin and bring the family for a wonderful day by the lake.