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About Gästrikland in Sweden

The province of Gästrikland, Sweden 

We at the cabin agency want to welcome you to Gästrikland, a province located in southern Norrland, which is also called Central Sweden. Gästrikland borders in the east to the Bothnian Sea, in the east and south to Uppland, in the south to Västmanland, in the west to Dalarna and in the north to Hälsingland. The province of Gästrikland is also called the Gate to Norrland, if you book a cabin here you can partake in the strange meeting between southern and northern Swedish animal and plant species.

Nature in Gästrikland

Gästrikland is mostly dominated by forest, especially in the west and north, but it has also an open plain with smaller elevations. The forest area in northern Gästrikland is called Ödmården. The landscape is also quite rich of lakes with the Great Lake as the largest lake. The largest watercourse in Gästrikland is the river Dalälven, which flows all the way south through the landscape and forms large bays before flowing into the Bothnian Sea.

Gästrikland was covered by a 200 meter deep ocean at the end of the last ice age. The landscape has slowly risen and the land uplift has meant that the old sea beds are now clay plains. If you book a cabin in this area, you can find traces of the ice age everywhere, usually in the form of cobblestone fields by the coast.

Some important places


Gävle is Norrland's oldest city with just over 75,000 inhabitants. Gävle can smell very good if the wind is blowing from Gevalia's coffee roastery where more than one hundred tons of coffee beans are roasted each year. Here you will also find the world's most bought cars, candy cars manufactured at Ahlgren's candy factory.


The steel factory has dominated Sandviken since the 19th century when workers lived and settled in barracks around the factory. The Sandvik factory is now a world leader in the manufacture of tools in special steel.


Hofors is also a community that developed around a steel factory. In the past, there were many iron mines and iron huts throughout Hofors, there are now more than 60 old mining holes around the city. Outside Hofors there are mighty cobblestone fields, a memory from the last ice age when the sea shore reached Hofors, now it is many miles to the sea.

Fun Facts

Gävle is known for usually building a giant Christmas straw goat before Christmas, unfortunately it has also become something of a sport to try to light it on fire before Christmas Eve.

Lantmäteriet is located in Gävle, their job is to provide the people in Sweden with Maps. They have really old maps in their archives, and they have also created an entire Minecraft world based off of maps of Sweden.

Sweden's first whiskey is produced in the closed down iron mill in Mackmyra, which is located between Gävle and Sandviken, their whiskey is done completely in accordance to the same principles used in Scotland.

Furuviks parken

Furuvik is a fun park for the whole family and it’s an appreciated day trip destination to visit if you stay in a cabin nearby. Here you can visit the trade stalls, walk in our beautiful park, enjoy good food, meet all our animals, hang out at the amusement park, enjoy concerts or cool off in our adventure pool.


Here you can visit the exciting Adventure Island! It was here that the TV show Wild Kids was recorded during two seasons and here you can find competition elements from the program. You can test both agility and speed in the key-race, or why not try to solve the giant puzzle.

If you want to experience a little excitement on your cabin vacation, then the Secret Fort is a must to visit. It is a coastal defense museum located at the far end of the island, here you step straight into the days of the Cold War in the 50s. A cold war atmosphere rests over the facility with real cannons and other military equipment. Here you get to touch, and be almost everywhere in the many, secret passages and experience the feeling of what it was like to defend the Port of Gävle from the enemy who could attack from the sea.


After a day at Furuvik, filled with new animal friends and riding the carousels, it is always appreciated to take a dip in our large pool. By the pool there is a lovely wooden deck and also large lawns where you can lay out your picnic blanket and enjoy the food you brought with you from your cabin. Furuvik has a large pool, two waterslides, an adventure tower and a smaller children's pool. Furuviks pool area is on its way to becoming one of the region's coolest outdoor adventure parks, all made for fun and exciting games while you rent a cabin in the lovely province of Gästrikland.


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Every country around our world have their own culture, their own specialty foods, and in the eyes of foreigners usually some funny, weird or even quirky behaviors, and Sweden is not an exception to any of that. We hope that you will embrace and understand some of these phenomenon during your cabin rental vacation here, take a peek in this article and read about these 10 Swedish behaviors and see if you recognize any of them in your own country.