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About Medelpad in Sweden

Facts about the province of Medelpad

The province of Medelpad in the region of the High Coast presents an impressive scenery of high forested mountains and two rivers with fertile valleys that meander through the landscape down to the coast. The river valleys are ancient waterways.

Medelpad has 122,000 inhabitants. In the 19th century, almost all buildings were made of wood. On Midsummer's Day 1888, a fire started burning in a house in Sundsvall and the fire spread quickly. 9 hours later, almost the whole city had burned up. About 9,000 people became homeless. In the local history museum on the northern city mountain in Sundsvall is the Skvader. The Skvader is half hare and half wood-grouse. It was a conservator who wanted to joke. He managed to fool many people before he was caught.

Medelpad is a forest-rich landscape. However, it is not very flat. Parallel hills traverse the Swedish landscape and make it only possible to run a profitable farm along the coast or in the valleys of the rivers.

Sweden's center is at Flataklacken in Medelpad, from there it is exactly the same distance to Treriksröset at Sweden's northern tip and Smygehuk at Sweden's southernmost point.

Outdoor Life in Medelpad

From your cabin in the province of Medelpad there are many different opportunities to experience the outdoor life and the wonderful nature on foot or by horse, canoe or bicycle and in winter on skis or why not snowmobile.

There are many wonderful and different hiking trails in Medelpad, including Sankt Olavsleden which is 580 km and stretches from the Bothnian Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are interested in cycling, there is actually, only in the city of Sundsvall, more than 220 km of cycle path to explore as the municipality is working on a project for people to use a bicycle instead of its car to get to their workplace.

Cities in Medelpad

While on your cabin vacation perhaps you want to visit a city, Sundsvall is Medelpad's largest city and capital. It is Norrland's third largest city. The port of Sundsvall is deep and protected by Alnö Island outside that has made it an important trading place since the 5th century

Timrå is located at the mouth of the Indalsälven River. Like Sundsvall, the city was founded in connection with the sawmill era in Medelpad.

Ånge is located in the Ljusnan valley and is an important railway junction.

Family-friendly attractions, fun excursions, sights, entertainment and other tips on activities for families

Birsta City

If you want to experience more than just nature when you rent a cabin in Medelpad, Birsta city is Norrland's largest shopping center and there are several well-known retail chains located here. There are currently about 75 stores here, which will be increased to 90 over the next year.

IKEA is located in its own newly built department store on the neighboring plot.

Outdoor center Södra Berget (the south mountain)

Outdoor center on Södra berget is a leisure facility located in a fantastic natural area only 3 km from the center. In the winter, most things happen on the downhill slalom slopes and around Ängen, where all cross-country ski trails start. In summer, Ängen is the starting point for games, adventure trails and excursions. On Björnstigen there are adventures such as the rock wall, the wire bridge, the liana, the suspension bridge and the balance boom. The climbing playground is a large sandbox with climbing trees for the youngest. Tarzanstigen is an Adventure Trail with adventures such as the tree house, the cave, the cable car and walking on a rope.

Himlabadets Adventure waterpark

The adventure pool has everything for a fun and exciting swimming experience with family and friends. Here you will find attractions for both large and small. Waterslides and caves, also two smaller pools with varying depths, one with a beach, perfect for the little ones. Shower and toilet with changing table are also available. Himlabadet is the first in Europe to offer the surfing machine Surfstream, an attraction for young people and adults. Surfstream is designed as a tidal wave and gives the feeling of surfing as if on real waves.

Climbing High & Low

Do you want some excitement on you cabin vacation then a visit to the climbing park high and low in Sundsvall is a must.  It consists of several different high-altitude courses with a wide selection of difficulty levels. You can start at your level and can then challenge yourself at your own pace thanks to the fact that the climbing park has many courses. Here, children and adults should be able to have equal fun together, it will be an experience beyond the ordinary when you rent a cabin in Medelpad.


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