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About Ångermanland

The province of Ångermanland and The High Coasts of Sweden

Are you going to rent a cabin in Ångermanland for your vacation or holiday? Here the ocean offers fresh air and beautiful beaches, large deep forests and beautiful tall mountains, cabins by sparkling lakes and a rich fauna and flora, the landscape is simply fantastic.

Ångermanland is a province located in north Sweden. The province borders Lapland and Västerbotten to the north, Medelpad to the south and Jämtland in the west. 

Tourism in Ångermanland

In recent years, the High Coast region has become one of Sweden's fastest growing destinations. The wonderful archipelago, nature, culture and tranquility, make the province of Ångermanland and the High Coast area a world-unique natural region in Sweden.

The High Coast is a stretch of coast that still rises up from the ocean and it’s a process that’s been going on since the ice age. Millimeter by millimeter, the land rises from the water. If you hike in the High Coast, you can see the fascinating traces of land uplift everywhere. The landscape is so unusual that it has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. When you travel to the High Coast, we think you should visit the beautiful rocky beach Rotsidan and why not end the day with a tasty dinner at Restaurant Fiskafänget in Norrfällsviken? After dinner you can take a cozy walk through the fishing village with its idyllic cottages and beautiful sunset in the background.

Cabin rentals in The High Coast of Sweden

A good starting point if you want to explore the High Coast and Skuleskogen National Park during your holiday is to visit Skule Nature room. Here you’ll find a description of the National Park, and information about the World Heritage Site. Skuleberget can be climbed, equipment can be rented on site. There is also a cable car that goes up to the top where you can have coffee in the top cabin if you decide you do not want to climb.

In the province of Ångermanland, you can walk along the beautiful Höga Kustenleden (high coast hiking trail), fish in ponds, lakes and rivers, or just be lazy on lovely sandy beaches - for example Smitingen beach in Härnösand or Norrfällsvikens beach.

The High Coast Bridge

Magnificent High Coast Bridge, which is the world's seventh longest suspension bridge. At the north base of the bridge you’ll find two nice Restaurants Björkudden's restaurant and Hotel high Coast restaurant. Here are also souvenir shops, a large playground and lookout points.

Other things to do in Ångermanland:

The island of Ulvön, which is the promised island of fermented herring, has an incredibly charming harbor with idyllic cottages. Ulvön is perfect for a day trip, here you’ll find a good selection of food, and restaurants.

Trysunda is one of the archipelago's absolutely finest islands, here is one of the best preserved fishing villages with fishing cottages along the entire Ångermanland coast.

Find a fishing cabin in Ångermanland

Another recommendation is to experience the high coast and Ångermanälven (the river) on board M / S Ådalen 111. The boat has a restaurant with serving rights and entertainment. There are both day trips and evening trips available on board M / S Ådalen 111.

Cities in the Ångermanland region are Sollefteå, Örnsköldsvik, Härnösand and Kramfors.

Regardless of your personal interest or time of the year, the possibilities are endless for an active and eventful stay when you rent your cabin in Ångermanland!

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