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Visby City Gotland Sweden

Sweden's largest island is called Gotland and is located in the Baltic Sea, about 100 km from the mainland of Sweden. Gotland's nature is both dramatic, calm, barren, and lush and leaves no one untouched with its beauty. It is everything all at the same time, depending on where on the island you are and what season it is. Inspirationally beautiful and magical.

It also gives rise to a splendid outdoor life and a variety of activities to do while you’re staying in your vacation cabin here on the island, ranging from hiking, biking and a lot of water activities.

Kneippbyn for families with children

Do you have children with you on your cabin vacation in Sweden? If so Kneippbyn is a must. Here you’ll find a Water-summerland where you meet famous characters like Pippi Longstocking, you can visit her house, see Pippi Theater and go to various attractions. There is also a water park with water slides for both young and old guests. Also adventure golf and restaurants, a perfect day trip from your cabin.

Waterpark Gotland in Sweden

Gotland by car or motorbike

A nice day trip from your cabin can be to go by car or motorbike around the whole or half of the island. Driving around Gotland is a distance of between 30 and 50 km, depending on which roads you choose. You ride along smaller roads lined with varied scenery, windmills, rural communities and farm shops to visit. It is also possible to take a car ferry across to Fårö from northern Gotland. The ferry leaves approximately once every half hour.

WIndmill on Gotland in Sweden

For the nature lover

Gotland's nature differs considerably from the rest of mainland Sweden, the coast consists of seawalls, sea stacks and cobblestone fields, alternating with long and popular sandy beaches. 

What Gotland is perhaps best known for are its sea stacks (rauks). A rauk or a sea stack is a worn stone, a weathering phenomenon that occurs when relatively softer rocks around the beaches are eroded by the surrounding sea and a harder limestone core remains, the sea stacks on Gotland are a remnant of the coral reef that existed there for about 400 million years then. 

There are about 25 places with sea stack fields on Gotland, the sea stack "Kaffepannan (coffee pot)" or "Hunden ( the dog)" as it is also called is one of the most photographed sea stack on Gotland and it is located in Gamla hamn and is well worth an excursion when you rent a cabin on Gotland.

Sea stacks close to your cabin on Gotland

Swim on Gotland in Sweden


The sunny beach Sudersand on the island of Fårö outside of the northern tip of Gotland has all the facilities you could wish for - such as small convenience stores, bars, restaurants and it offers a five kilometer long fine-grained sandy beach with fine shallow water. 

You should be out in good time if you are going to visit here during the day, the queue for the ferry over to Fårön Island becomes long really fast and then the dream of the beach can instead quickly turn into a test of patience in the car - but once you arrive tom the beach all your troubles will feel distant.



Hideviken with its extremely shallow sandy beach and warm water is like taken from a beautiful summer dream. The water is a perfect playground for the whole family when you are on a vacation here. However, there are no facilities in the area, so make sure to bring your picnic basket when you decide to visit here.

In the nearby lime quarry, the Hide Blues festival is organized, the acoustics are very cool and impressive in the lime quarry, so what better way than listening to blues on a balmy summer evening?   


The blue Lagoon

Visiting the blue lagoon is like being on a beach at the Mediterranean Sea, the water is turquoise blue and see through clear. The blue lagoon was previously an old limestone quarry that over time has been filled with water and has been turned into a swimming spot. Keep in mind that it gets deep quickly so it's important to keep track of your children while you are here. 

This place has become really popular because of its Mediterranean feel so it is important to be out in good time if you want to find a parking space. The beach consists mostly of small gravel so it is smart to bring bathing shoes or slippers and also a seating pad or deck chair as otherwise it can be a little rough to lie directly on the ground. The Blue Lagoon is located at the northernmost tip of Gotland and it takes about 50 minutes to drive there from Visby city.

Beah life on Gotland Sweden

Rent a cabin and visit Visby on Gotland

Visby city on Gotlannd

Visby Gotland with the ring wall

Visby Ring wall

If you rent a cabin on Gotland Island, Visby city with its impressive ring wall is for sure a must visit. Visby's ring wall began to be built in the middle of the 13th century and is one of Sweden's biggest attractions and has been a familiar silhouette for the city for almost 700 years. The wall is equipped with three main gates (the South-East and North) and the wall has over 50 towers. 

The wall is up to 11 meters tall in certain places and about 3.4 km long all the way around, the wall was raised gradually through time and more defense towers were built as it was needed- it is considered to have been completed by the middle of the 14th century. It is built of limestone in a shell wall technology and the limestone was quarried in Östergravar outside of the eastern part of the wall and also from quarries on Galgberget Mountain. 

Something that is very popular to do on Gotland is to ride a bicycle around to see different sights, as the island has no really steep hills and also the sun often shines here so the weather invites to outdoor activities. There are several bike rentals around Visby and riding a bike can be a way to get around the city and also the rest of the island when you rent your cabin on Gotland.

Visby ring wall in Gotland Sweden


We hope you have both a fun and relaxing time in your rented cabin here on the beautiful Island of Gotland, and that you have a chance to both explore and recharge your batteries before you say farewell and return in good spirits to your own home. 

Gotland countryside Sweden