Kayaking during your vacation in Sweden

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Kayaking during your cabin vacation

Sweden has one of the world's best paddle waters in the world that suits both the experienced and beginners, here you can kayaking on both lakes, along the river, small streams and in the sea. The wonderful thing about kayaking is that you get so close to nature, the silence, and that you decide your speed, you also get a whole new insight into nature, and you get to see the coast or the lake from a different point of view than when you walk after it on foot. Since Sweden has fantastic opportunities for kayaking, the adventure is not far from your rented cabin. The range and opportunities to rent a kayak has increased in many places in Sweden, if you have your own kayak you can of course bring it, otherwise there are good opportunities to rent equipment well on site. Always paddle with a life jacket.

I have here written about some paddle waters in Sweden. 

Equipment to bring when you Kayaking

  • Sunglasses are a must if the sun is shining, they dampen the glitter in the water.
  • Mosquito repellent, especially if you kayaking on streams and lakes.
  • Water bottle for at least a few hours of paddling.
  • Seat pad, for when you want to get ashore and rest for a while.
  • Rain gear on a longer day trip.
  • Cap to protect both eyes and head from the sun.
  • A bag with coffee and a snack that you bring from your cabin.    

Kayaking in the high coast of Sweden

Kayaking in the High Coast of Sweden

The high coast has excellent paddle water, here are many small nice coastal villages with old picturesque boathouses and red cabins. Here you’ll see high rocky islands covered with forest, and long flat cliffs that have been shaped by the ice from the ice age. If you have hiked the in the high coast area, now may be the time to expand your adventure to the water. From your rented cabin in the High Coast Area, you can easily get to the ocean and to the different kayak renters in the area.

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Kayaking on Lake Bolmen in Småland Sweden

Kayaking on Lake Bolmen in Småland

We have a fairly large selection of cabins near Lake Bolmen in Småland province, maybe you want to try something new on your cabin vacation so why not rent a canoe or kayak and go out on the lake for a day. Lake Bolmen has a total of 365 islands, and The Lagan canoe trail runs straight through the lake. Bring a backpack with some coffee and swimwear so you can swim from one of the islands in the lake.

Kayaking in the Bohuslän archipelago on the west coast of Sweden

Kayaking in the Bohuslän archipelago

Bohuslän in Sweden offers fantastic water for kayaking. Along the coastline on the west coast of Sweden there are thousands of small islets and islands with small cabins, white houses and charming boathouses. Kayak among national parks and alternate between calm waters and open sea. There are plenty of kayak rentals around the entire west coast. Search for nearest town to the cabins or at popular excursion destination and there are guaranteed to be a dozen different kayak rentals. 

Kayaking at Koster Sea in Bohuslän

Koster islands is unique as it is the only marine national park in Sweden, according to American CNN, Bohuslän has one of the finest coastlines in the world and is perfect for kayaking. Here you’ll find water for everyone, calm canals, open sea, cute boathouses to look at, and a lovely national park with an infinite number of cobs and islands, the adventure awaits you who rent a cabin in the area. The easiest way to get to the archipelago is by ferry from Strömstad. You can also drive to Grebbestad and park the car right next to the water where you paddle out on the sea, just south of Grebbestad is Fjällbacka which is classified as Sweden's best kayaking water. Bring swimwear and goggles from your cabin, as the water is very clear here and there are many fine sandy beaches to sunbathe on. 

Kayaking in Skåne Sweden

Kayaking in Skåne Sweden

Skåne in Sweden has a long coast on three sides of the province and lots of lakes and streams that are all perfect for kayaking, here you can also paddle in Skåne's northern wilderness or in Malmö city canals, and the availability is great for you who rent a cabin in Skåne. Immeln is Skåne's, by size, the third largest lake and are made for canoeists, here you can follow Skåne's popular canoe trail that leads to many different lakes in the area. In Lake Immeln there are about 200 islands where you can both fish and swim so be sure to bring swimwear and maybe a picnic basket from your cabin.

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